Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

As this is the most secured process of giving details of your credit card and purchasing something online, you should be very careful in such things. We guarantee your privacy and other details you provide here on our website. What happens when the visitor comes to our/ any site, the browsers observe your interest area and tracks what you are searching for in the form of the cookie. Then the browser sends data to the Google search engine and it, in turn, display some personalised ads on the pages you browse further. So that you can have some good search experience on latest stuff offers etc. in the ads format related to your query. So, apart from that, we do not use your information in any other form.

The browser that you use to search for any website, the browsers uses your cookie information as i said before the cookie takes some navigational information. Here you have to understand one more thing is that whenever you submit your name, email id and query, we nowhere to use that data for any other purpose. We keep that with us safe and secure. Please do not worry on the same. Hope happy surfing.