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Walmart Credit Card Money Transfer – Login Process

Walmart Money Transfer:

Online payments are very much popular among the people as it saves a lot of time. Many e-payment cards are available such as credit cards, debit cards, etc. These are the small cards which make our life very simple. By using credit cards, we can purchase goods and services on credit, and we can return that money at the end of the month. We can pay our monthly bills such as electricity bill, water bill, TV bill by using credit cards. We can also purchase grocery and many more things. Many banks provide different types of credit cards.

The rewards and benefits divide the Credit cards’ they offer and the income and expenditure requirements of the applicants. Here are some different types of credit cards: gold credit cards, business credit cards, fuel credit cards, entertainment credit cards, prepaid credit cards, travel credit cards, Walmart credit cards, etc. All those are used for different purpose. In this article, I am going to discuss Walmart Credit Cards.

Walmart Credit Card Money Transfer –

Walmart offers two types of cards one is Walmart credit card, and the other is Walmart money card.

Walmart Credit Cards: The synchrony bank operates Walmart Credit Card Online credit center. Walmart cards are used at Walmart stores and sam’s club. By using this card, we can purchase various types of goods. We can earn cash back while shopping in the center. We can get a new Walmart credit card by applying online. So here are the few steps how to apply for a new Walmart credit card.

First of all, we have to go to the link “” Then next step is to select the tab which says “Get a card.” Then we have to choose the card type. Master card or Visa card. After selecting that, on the next screen, a form should be filled with our details.
We have to select our first name and then the last name that means family name. It should be mentioned correctly to prevent problems in the future.

Walmart Credit Card Status Check - Other Points to Note !

  1. Putting our complete street address, apartment number and city name correctly, the name of the state should be mentioned.
  2. After that ZIP code and email address should be indicated. We have to enter our phone number for text alerts and the nine digits social security number(SSN).
  3. Then we have to join our date of birth for the verification of our age.After creating a PIN number all terms and condition should be accepted by clicking on the check box.If we need any information about card features, exclusive offers, and discounts, should be done.
  4. At last, we have to click on “Get my card” button.Now online application to get a new Walmart card is completed. Then we have to log in our card. And here are the few steps.

Walmart Credit Card Login Process:

  • We have to provide our online user ID and password to log into our account.In the case of forgetting user ID, a valid 16 digit card number should be provided.
  • Then to get our user ID, we have to complete the further process by clicking on “continue” button.
  • If any help needed for a password, we have to provide our user ID and security code and then to press the “continue button” the process should be completed.
  • Then we have to register our card by creating an account online and can gain access to all the valuable features. Here are the few steps receive our card.
  • After going to the login page we have to select “Create Online Account,” then information regarding online form should be provided.

Keep in Mind Before Transfering Money using Walmart Credit Card:

  • Entering the valid card number, expiration month and year should be mentioned and after that our date of birth and ZIP code.

  • Then set up an online user ID and password we can be logged into our account.

  • By creating an account we can transfer money, access MoneyCardvault, pay the bill online and can use fruitful features. This page helps you in getting more simple tips to get credit card faster.

Benefits of the Money Card:

  • No unauthorised transactions: we can get protection against the illegal, unauthorised dealings.
  • Free bill payments: without paying any charges we can send money immediately.
  • No overdraft fees: we need not give any fees for an overdraft. So we can save more money with this facility.
  • Walmart offers cash back on money card: Walmart offers a new cash back program on its Walmart money card. This program offers 3% cash back on online purchase from
  • 2 % on fuel purchase and 1% cash back on purchase from Walmart store.
  • This program also applied to Walmart credit cards. This program was issued and managed by Green Dot. This program also wins multiple awards.
  • This program also applied to Walmart credit cards. This program was issued and managed by Green Dot. This program also wins multiple awards.

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