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Walmart Credit Card Status Online Check –

Walmart Credit Card Status:

Walmart is a boon in the growing retail industry in the world economy. Where countries like India are on the verge of accepting maximum investment regarding FDI for the retail industry, the other countries are either developed or stepping up for north facing curve for the retail. The great Walmart is Walmart Stores, Inc. It’s an American multinational company has business operates in Hyper Markets, Grocer stores and departmental stores.

This works in the chain of such outlets. Founded in 1962 by Mr Sam Walton and incorporated in 1969. This retail tycoon has spread of its footprints over 28 countries. It’s listed in Fortune 500 companies as the highest rank holder regarding revenue. It’s a limited company listed in New York Stock Exchange in 1972. Walmart investment outside North America is also commendable. Its operations in the United Kingdom, South America and China are highly successful.

It’s just like other credit cards offered by other banks or financial institutions. Synchrony Bank issues the Walmart Credit Card and Master Card.

Some Important features of Walmart Credit Card:

  1. With lower credit scores also, Walmart offer a credit card to increase their buying potential
  2. Provide a good 10% financing options and some savings on gas purchasesWalmart MasterCard offers 1% savings on all purchases
  3. No annual fee unlike many other credit cardsIf one purchases
  4. gas from the stores gets reward at the rate of 2.86%
  5. On all other purchases, buyer will get 1% cash back.

We would point our discussion on how to check the status of the application for issuance of a Walmart Credit Card. Before that let’s discuss on the type of credit cards and process of application to get a Walmart credit card:

Types Of Walmart Credit Card:

Walmart offers two options for their credit cards one is the Store-only card, and the other one is a master card.

The store only card can be used at the stores of Walmart only.

However, the Master Card can be utilised and accepted in all other stores accepting Credit Cards.

How to apply for a Walmart Credit Card ?

It’s an agile and easy process to apply for a Walmart Credit Card or Walmart MasterCard at the following destinations:

  1. Any store register
  2. Jewelry kiosk
  3. Online in the Credit Card page of
  4. In case the application was submitted in a store via the register or kiosk and are approved, a Temporary Shopping Pass shall be received that is usable for 24 hours only at the same store it was applied for.

Details of online application for issuance of Walmart Credit Card:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on “Apply Now” appears at the Centre of the web page
  3. Sign in to the Walmart account else create an account instantly and login
  4. An online application form would appear
  5. Filed marked with a red colour asterisk are the mandatory fields to fill
  6. First to fill are the first name, middle and the last name
  7. Address in full including City, State, Zip, etc. to be filled
  8. Then Primary and Secondary phone numbers to be filled
  9. Email address, Annual net income, Years at current address shall follow
  10. Communication preference has to be selected in which; the applicant is required to mention his/her preferred language for the billing statement along with the mode whether the declaration would be an Electronic statement or a Paper Statement.
  11. The applicant can also use the optional credit card protection for a particular sum. In such cases of unemployment, disability, hospitalisation or few other unfortunate incidents the minimum monthly payment or the total balance up to a maximum sum of $10,000 gets cancelled.
  12. Finally, the applicant has read all the terms and conditions and then check the required box and then click on “Accept and Submit” to complete the registration procedure

How to Check Walmart Credit Card Status ?

One can call the contact number allocated by Walmart for credit card services i.e. 1-877-969-3668 and check the status of their credit card application from the customer care executives.

  1. If the request has been approved, one will receive the Walmart Credit Card in 7-10 working days approximately
  2. If the card does not arrive within ten business days after approval of the credit card application, the applicant can contact on the number above of 1-877-969-3668.
  3. In case the card has was lost or stolen, a user can call on the same number to talk to Customer care Representative for resolution.

How to Cancel a Walmart Credit Card – Check Status Walmart Credit Card Application ?

In case a user is not willing to continue with the credit card for any reason, he/she can contact the customer service number 1-877-969-3668 and request for closure of the credit card. Below are the latest numbers that help ups.

Customer Service Numbers:


00 1647-788-2929

1 2 3